Hot Gig Alert (Tonight!) Aussie’s psych-rock wunderkinds Pond take on The Sinclair

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Hot Gig Alert (Tonight!) Aussie’s psych-rock wunderkinds Pond take on The Sinclair

It’s Friday night in Boston, royals are in town, and Biden is in town, but where you should be tonight is the sold-out performance from Aussie psych-rock legends Pond. Nine albums deep, and familiar faces from fellow Aussie favorite Tame Impala, are taking on The Sinclair tonight in Cambridge. With plenty of festival appearances under their belts, and Boston performances dating back almost a decade, it’s an electric, psych rock, vibey experience filled with smiles. 

The latest full-length for the band dropped in October of 2021, with their latest EP dropping recently, Live At The BBC, featuring “Take Me Avalon I Am Young,” “America’s Cup” and “Toast”, all off their latest full-length album, 9. Some are sure to be showcased tonight. While it feels like the year may be slowing to a halt, especially with the December holidays right around the corner, I don’t think I’m alone in still appreciating that live music has returned to a full extent. As well as live music being back, having the international rockers we’ve come to love make their total return. An element we shouldn’t be taking for granted, considering the backed-up Visa application many bands experienced while the world also opened at different speeds to each other. 

While tickets have sold out for tonight, there are still tickets floating around the interwebs. Doors are at 8 pm, with opener Cryogyser taking the stage first. The band has toured relentlessly, produced nine full-length records, and worked tirelessly hard to be in their position. A sold-out Sinclair show will undoubtedly lead to larger, sold-out performances here. Pond is definitely a performance one needs to see.

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