PHOTOS: MAX, Vincint in Boston, MA (11.27.22)

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PHOTOS: MAX, Vincint in Boston, MA (11.27.22)

New York-based pop singer MAX was among the plethora of musicians who released an album in 2020 and never got the chance to tour the record properly. He’s spent most of 2021 and 2022 making up for that, while also dropping some new tracks along the way. He recently made his second visit to Boston on tour, nearly exactly one year after his previous. MAX’s live show is one that’s vibrant and enthusiastic, with non-stop energy. We caught his recent show in Boston, just after Thanksgiving, check out some images from the show below.

Listen to MAX’s third studio album Colour Vision – HERE.

Photos: MAX, Vincint at Royale in Boston, MA on November 27th, 2022:

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