LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Anthrax, Black Label Society, Exodus in Boston, MA (02.05.23)

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LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Anthrax, Black Label Society, Exodus in Boston, MA (02.05.23)

On February 5th at House of Blues Boston, thrash metal legends Anthrax gave a memorable performance alongside heavy metal innovators Black Label Society and Bay Area thrash kings Exodus. This show was a part of the second leg of their 40th anniversary tour, bringing just as much energy as the first leg in 2022. In attendance were a diverse crowd of metal fanatics and newcomers alike, some being next generation youth with a glimmer in their eyes of becoming musicians themselves one day.

Exodus began the night with a bang, opening with “The Beatings Will Continue”, revving up the audience for what was to come. To follow were classics like “A Lesson in Violence”, “Piranha”, and “The Toxic Waltz” where the moshing got heavy. Chills ran down people’s spines at the baby’s cry in conclusion to “Prescribing Horror”, my personal favorite off of their newest album Persona Non Grata. They concluded their set with “Strike of the Beast”, followed by selecting a youth from the crowd to play guitar alongside Lee Altus and Garry Holt before saying their farewell to the crowd.

There was a major shift in the energy as Black Label Society and their kilt adorned mastermind Zakk Wylde took the stage by storm. Lasers and decorative moving lights danced inside the venue as they played “Funeral Bell”, “Destruction Overdrive”, “A Love Unreal”, and “You Made Me Want to Live” to name a few. Zakk brought the audience and myself to a mellow sway in his piano performance of the classic “In this River”. Within moments they shifted into a completely different vivacity with “Trampled Down Below”, which began with a fiery display of smoke and some fun BLS white balloons that were shot into the crowd. In conclusion were two other classics “Suicide Messiah” and “Stillborn”, where the later has Zakk Wylde and Dario Lorina playing their guitars behind their heads standing face to face before saying goodnight.

With a curtain set over the stage, a collective introduction given by various musicians and celebrities is screened giving hail and praise to the one and only Anthrax. Shadows of each member are cast on the curtain before it drops at the introduction of “Amongst the Living”. With high vigor, the band further captivates with legendary tracks “Caught in a Mosh”, “Madhouse”, and “Metal Thrashing Mad”. The crowd joins in to the chorus of “Keep it in the Family”, with Scott Ian and Frank Bello’s liveliness growing in conjunction. At the performance of another classic “I am the Law”, backing lights mimicking police car lights strobe in unison to Joey Belladonna’s tenor and Charlie Benante’s attitude. The pace hastens and the audience goes wild as the band performs “Got the Time”, a long time personal favorite (ba-dum-chhh). With the purest excitement, Anthrax ends their set with “Indians”, an interesting contrast to their opening track in their set. The applause and cheers of the crowd echo through the venue as the members bow in thankful adieu, with the exciting announcement of another record in the making and a 2024 tour coming up.

Photos: Anthrax, Black Label Society, Exodus at House of Blues in Boston, MA on February 5th, 2023:

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