LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Soulfly, Skinflint, Death Ray Vision, Wisdom & War in Boston, MA (02.20.23)

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LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Soulfly, Skinflint, Death Ray Vision, Wisdom & War in Boston, MA (02.20.23)

At Brighton Music Hall in Boston, the death metal band Soulfly fronted by legendary guitarist/vocalist Max Cavelera performed alongside Skinflint, as well as local bands Death Ray Vision and Wisdom & War. A substantial crowd was in attendance to enjoy the diverse set of bands chosen for this night. Soulfly chose during this tour to bring in various local bands as support for each night, making the tour more interesting for fans in attendance as well as the bands.

First to perform were Wisdom & War from central MA, setting the mood for the night with brutal riffs and vocals with a hardcore edge. A song of note was their newest single “Killing Joke” off of their new album Superior Design, getting the crowd moving in the process. Next to take the stage was local hardcore punk gems Death Ray Vision founded by Mike D’Antonio of Killswitch Engage. Fronted by new vocalist Keith Bennett of Casket Rats, the familiar band to my ears took the stage with attitude. Recently signed to Metal Blade records, the band introduced “No Mercy from Electric Eyes” off their new album arriving this summer.

Botswana natives Skinflint brought a new energy to the stage with heavy metal influenced by their homeland culture and mythology. Amongst earlier singles like “Okove” and “Flesh Potion”, the band introduced songs like “Sasabonsam” from their new album Hate Spell that just released around the time the tour began.

With the audience in heightened energy, Soulfly began with “Back to the Primitive”, defined by heavy riffs and Max’s distinct growls. They are best known for integrating art and sounds from his Brazilian heritage and brutality that was similarly born and influenced from his prior years as the founder to the legendary band Sepultura. The pit began to become more active as they played songs like “Fire/Porrada”, “Refuse/Resist”, “Ritual”, and “Scouring the Vile” to name a few. With wild energy and tribal chants throughout their performance, they also played singles “Filth upon Filth” and “Superstition” from their most recent album Totem. In an encore, they finished the night with the highly energetic “Jumpdafuckup” before saying goodnight.

An exciting night of good energy and drinks with friends old and new, I was glad to catch these legends on this tour for the first time.

Photos: Soulfly, Skinflint, Death Ray Vision, Wisdom & War at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA on February 20th:

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