PHOTOS: Avey Tare, Anastasia Coope in Boston, MA (04.01.23)

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PHOTOS: Avey Tare, Anastasia Coope in Boston, MA (04.01.23)

Avant garde musician Avey Tare, known best as the frontman of Animal Collective, recently released a new solo record 7s via Domino Records in February. Tare is always a busy artist who virtually never stops writing or recording. The new solo record came together alongside the recording of Animal Collective’s eleventh studio album Time Skiffs while he was tucked away in woodsy seclusion. Tare is currently in the midst of run of solo dates with folk artist Anastasia Coope. The tour was in Boston, MA over the weekend where Tare played through a twelve song set on a dark stage covered by visuals from a light projector. Check out some photos from his performance below.

Listen to Avey Tare’s new album – HERE.

Photos: Avey Tare, Anastasia Coope at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA on April 1st.

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