PHOTOS: July Talk, MAUVEY in Cambridge, MA (04.18.23)

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PHOTOS: July Talk, MAUVEY in Cambridge, MA (04.18.23)

Canadian rockers July Talk were back in the states recently for a short run of tour dates that included a stop in Cambridge, MA. They’re currently promoting their latest studio album, Remember Never Before, their fourth LP overall. The group are coming off a run of theatre dates in their native Canada as they prepare for the release of a documentary surrounding their 2020 drive-in show in Ontario and how gig came together. For their recent visit, July Talk was joined by Vancouver-based London born rapper MAUVEY. Check out photos of both sets below.

Listen to July Talk’s new studio album Remember Never Before – HERE.

Photos: July Talk, MAUVEY at Middle East in Cambridge, MA on April 18th:

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