PHOTOS: Bush, Devora in Hampton Beach, NH (04.26.23)

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PHOTOS: Bush, Devora in Hampton Beach, NH (04.26.23)

Review by Christine M. Hurley
Photos by Hurley Event Photography at

Alternative rock band Bush took to the stage at Hampton Beach Casino this past Wednesday to open their latest United States tour. The tour supports Bush’s latest album, “The Art of Survival.” There were no disappointments during the evening. Frontman Gavin Rossindale and the band delivered the vast library of Bush songs, just like they did in the 1990’s. “Machinehead,” “Glycerine” and “Comedown” were played with great enthusiasm to a packed house of 40+-somethings. Bush also played  “More than Machines” off the new album to the receptive crowd. Alternative country artist DEVORA opened for Bush and will continue touring with them. DEVORA supported her new album, “God is Dead.”

Photo: Bush, Devora at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, NH on April 26th:

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