LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Quinn XCII, A R I Z O N A in Boston, MA (05.04.23)

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LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Quinn XCII, A R I Z O N A in Boston, MA (05.04.23)

Quinn XCII kicked off The People’s Tour, May 4th at MGM Music Hall at Fenway in Boston, Massachusetts. The tour had a packed line-up which included artist Julia Wolf and ARIZONA to start the night off and had the crowd energy way up. In between sets, there were fan messages up on the screen that could be submitted following a QR code. Finally, it was time for Quinn and his band to hit the stage, and in true to the album of The People’s Champ, each band member got a walk out song.  

One of the best parts about being able to attend the first show of a tour is the element of surprise when it comes to the setlist. He opened with “Common” that features Big Sean off of his most recent album. Throughout the setlist, there was a mix of old songs like “Stacy” and “Straightjacket” as well as ones he played live for the first time that night like “Georgia Peach.” Quinn has a way of being so personable with the audience and despite it being a sold out show. Throughout the show he had multiple moments of fan interaction. My favorite moment was when he called a fan who was sitting side stage in the VIP section, to sing “Do You Believe in Love” by Cher in autotune. When performing he tries to interact with the audience as much as he can and seems to genuinely have fun when on stage.

With his talent and vocals, it’s clear why everyone comes to see Quinn XCII whenever he is in town. His songs are relatable and despite his set not ending till 10:45 pm, there was nobody that even though to leave early and that dedication is clear. With the rest of the tour remaining I wish him the best and cannot wait to see what he has planned the next time he comes to Boston.

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Photos: Quinn XCII, A R I Z O N A at MGM Music Hall in Boston, MA on May 4th –

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