Hot Gig Alert (7/9): Pop punk favorites Yellowcard make their gallant return to Boston

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Hot Gig Alert (7/9): Pop punk favorites Yellowcard make their gallant return to Boston

(photo credit: Acacia Evans)

With a very Warped-esque summer of touring about to kick off, a summer that, from the look,s of it, continues straight into the fall, It’s to be a wild 2023. And one of the first to begin an epic summer run comes from long-time pop punk favorites Yellowcard. This summer will surely be one for the books for the band as they’re making their full-blown gallant return to touring. While there have been one-off festival performances for the band, this is the summer of their first full-length US  tour since their farewell tour back in 2016. And as the tour clicks to life, so does their first release since the same year,  with the Childhood Eyes  EP dropping later this month on Jul 21st (their Equal Vision debut). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The band will play Summerfest tomorrow in Milwaukee and then quickly jump into a run that includes many sold-out shows and killer support lineups. Depending on the date closest to you, these include acts like Story of the Year, Mayday Parade, Anberlin, and This Wild Life. As well as some with Emo Nite Brooklyn on the bill, which frontman of the band Ryan Key is no stranger to, performing at many gigs with the company. 

Boston is one of the first shows of the tour on July 9th,  and while it’s sold out, the band clearly may have realized their chokehold on the state. Towards the end of this summer’s legendary run, the band will return to MA with a date at The Palladium Outdoors! The Palladium started hosting shows in this space just before Covid hit, and it’s quickly become a festival energy.  It’s complete with food trucks and, depending on your ticket, access to a nice air-conditioned area if that’s something you would enjoy. From personal experience, 10/10 would recommend it. 

While the setlist is sure to be filled with hits spanning all of the band’s long career, it’s some tracks I’ve gotten a sneak peek of from their upcoming release I think fans will enjoy. Be it the fast-paced opener of the EP, “Three Minutes More,” featuring a well-kept secret guest vocalist, it’s lines like “Cocktails and crushes and sleeping alone” that I can already imagine live. Or the closer with, yet again, a guest vocalist, we’re keeping a tight lip on it that reads like looking back at both of the bands in question’s journey through the music industry. Those like these make “Childhood Eyes” the perfect return for this talented band. 

For now, though, you can scout out tickets here, and I hope to see you in the pit!

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