PHOTOS: Citizen in Boston, MA (06.15.23)

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PHOTOS: Citizen in Boston, MA (06.15.23)

In 2013 the emo renaissance was just beginning it was long before the multiple emo night events in every city and hundreds of accounts on social media dedicated to producing content exclusively for that subculture. A handful of bands were leading the new wave, among them were Toldeo, OH based group Citizen. Their debut album, Youth, became a classic in the years following. With the album celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year the band embarked on a short tour last month performing the album in full. They’ve also released a 10th anniversary edition vinyl of the album. Check out photos from the show below.

Order the Youth 10 Year Anniversary Vinyl – HERE.

Photos: Citizen at House of Blues in Boston, MA on June 15th, 2023:

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