LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Sting in Boston, MA (09.07.23)

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LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Sting in Boston, MA (09.07.23)

The first thing you’d probably notice when Sting took to the stage during his sold out show at MGH Music Hall, Fenway on Thursday night is how great the 71-year old septuagenarian looks and his commanding presence. His arms are super fit; probably enhanced from his swimming and yoga regimen. Sting still remains the ultimate rock star that took the world by storm in the late 70’s and 80’s.

Then you focus on his brilliant music that never let up. Sting was totally on point from his first song to his last. He has a wide portfolio of songs spans from his 45-year old musical career that include everything from jazz to reggae to rock, so his receptive (mostly middle-aged) audience knew that anything could be up next. He, and his talented group of supporting musicians, did not disappoint. He played a nice arrangement of 20 songs; ranging from his days as the edgy frontman of The Police to his work as a solo artist.

Sting was particularly witty during the show and the audience fed into his English in New York charm. He shared stories about his songs. He told us about how he was inspired to write “Fields of Gold” from the barley fields around his English castle. a story about the song’s biblical origin prior to singing “Mad About You” Sting said how grateful he was to be here right now — and that he does not take his audience coming out too see him for granted.

Sting also revealed something of his inner self during this show. Most of the songs played were ballads and more personal in nature than Sting has played in past shows. Hence, the tours’ title, “My Songs.” Sting really reacted to “Why Should I Cry for You?” and could tell the song was really resonating with him while performing. I am sure that singing “Roxanne” night after night becomes a job, so it was nice to see him really getting in to the emotion behind his slower songs.

Sting ended the show with a beautiful rendition of “Fragile” in which he switched from his bass to an acoustic guitar. He said he always likes to end his shows on a slow note. Sting sure made his audience think and leave in a dream state.

Sting’s son, Joe Sumner, bassist for the British band Fiction Plane, opened for him and joined Sting trading verses of “King of Pain.” Joe looks and sounds a lot like his dad and is a great performer. It was nice to see a Dad and Son work together on stage, bringing joy to their audience.

Photos by Hurley Event Photography.

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