PHOTOS: Jungle in Boston (09.26.23)

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PHOTOS: Jungle in Boston (09.26.23)

Editor’s note: British electronic duo Jungle shared their fourth studio album, Volcano, with the world in mid August. In their native UK the record was their second consecutive No. 3 album, to date all their studio albums have charted in the Top 10 on the UK charts. For Jungle, the visual component of their music is something they place tremendous value on in their music videos, artwork, and stage show. They’re currently in the US touring to promote Volcano and they recently made it to New England for a quick stop in Massachusetts. New contributor Julia Federing was at the show on behalf of New England Sounds, check out her photos from Jungle’s set below.

Purchase Jungle’s most recent album, Volcano – HERE.

Photos – Jungle at Roadrunner in Boston, MA on September 26th:

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