PHOTOS: Sun Room, Sports Team in Boston, MA (10.03.23)

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PHOTOS: Sun Room, Sports Team in Boston, MA (10.03.23)

If yesterday’s weather felt uncommonly warm to you, maybe it was because SoCal natives Sun Room were in Boston last night and brought some of that west coast warmth with them. The surf rock inspired quartet are touring ahead of their upcoming single “At Least I Tried” due out this week. Earlier this year they shared their latest EP, Outta Their Minds, then spent time on tour with fast rising rock band Inhaler shortly after that. Last night’s show included a New England specific shout out in the form of a cover of The Modern Lovers’ legendary hit “Roadrunner” that among other things, inspired the name of the local venue. Check out some photos from last night’s show below.

Listen to Sun Room’s latest EP, Outta Their Minds – HERE.

Photos – Sun Room, Sports Team at Royale in Boston, MA on October 3rd:

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