LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Maude Latour in Boston, MA (10.12.23)

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LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Maude Latour in Boston, MA (10.12.23)

One of the coolest things about being a fan of a smaller artist, is watching them grow from playing a 350 capacity venue in Cambridge to playing a 2,200 capacity venue next to TD Garden. Maude Latour has not only grown in venues, but grown in her live show and her discography. Yet somehow this show felt just as intimate as two years ago when I saw her play the first time in Boston. Something that was new on this tour was the makeshift mailbox that Maude had set up for fans to drop off gifts. This was such a nice way for fans to know she receives the cards, letters or flowers that are left.

Latour began her set with the song “i am not the sun” off her most recent album Twin Flame. The energy was contagious both from her and the crowd. The setlist consisted of first EP throwbacks like “walk backwards” and “Lola” , along with newer songs. The crowd interaction seemed to come so naturally for her, talking in between songs and even taking someone’s BeReal. In the middle of her set, she calmed things down a bit and did a two song acoustic set of “Lovebomb” and “trees”. Nearing the end of her set, she decided to get a true audience interaction and stepped into the crowd, walking around before getting back out laughing about how the crowd was even crazier when she was in the pit.

With most shows, the set seemed to go by too fast. Maude promised the next time she’s here there will be more new music to enjoy. Her encore consisted of her coming back out in a 001 jersey, a nod to her hit song released in 2022. The final two songs were “cyclone” and the all time fan favorite “One More Weekend.” Everytime I see Maude Latour live, it reminds me how much she has grown since seeing her on Tiktok in 2020. I am so glad I was able to catch her Boston show and am looking forward to the next time she is in the city!

Listen to Maude Latour’s new album Twin Flame – HERE.

Photos: Maude Latour at Big Night Live in Boston, MA on October 12th:

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