PHOTOS: The Wonder Years, Anxious, Sweet Pill in Boston, MA (10.19.23)

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PHOTOS: The Wonder Years, Anxious, Sweet Pill in Boston, MA (10.19.23)

Editor’s note: Philadelphia pop punk band The Wonder Years are established as one of the most esteemed bands in their genre over the last twenty years. A huge reason for that is their 2013 album, The Greatest Generation, widely considered one of the most influential pop punk/emo albums released in the last decade. For the tenth anniversary of the album, The Wonder Years have embarked on an international headline tour where they perform it in full each night. It’s not all about nostalgia for the band though, last year they released their seventh studio album, The Hum Goes On Forever. Last Thursday they were in New England once again playing The Greatest Generation, along with a selection of older songs and new ones. Pat Moran was in the photo pit to capture some visuals including from openers Anxious and Sweet Pill. Check them out below.

Listen to The Wonder Years’ latest album The Hum Goes on Forever – HERE.

Photos – The Wonder Years, Anxious, Sweet Pill at House of Blues in Boston, MA on October 19th:


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