PHOTOS: Nate Smith, Dylan Schneider in Cambridge, MA (01.11.24.)

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PHOTOS: Nate Smith, Dylan Schneider in Cambridge, MA (01.11.24.)

Singer-songwriter Nate Smith currently has the No.1 song on country radio, a tune called “World On Fire” that he released last June. If you listen to some more of Smith’s music you might find fire to be a reoccurring theme. In 2021 his song “Wildfire” went viral on TikTok leading him to a record deal. If it seems like he writes about fire a lot that’s because it’s something that changed his life. His hometown, Paradise, CA experienced the worst wildfire in the history of California in 2018 when almost the entire town burnt to the ground. Smith was working as an ICU nurse in the next town over at the time. Since then he has built up a successful career in the country music scene where “World On Fire” is in it’s 7th week as a No. 1 song. Smith was recently in Cambridge, MA for a show with support from Dylan Schneider. Check out photos below.

Listen to Nate Smith’s song “World On Fire” – HERE.

Photos: Nate Smith, Dylan Schneider at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on January 11th:

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