PHOTOS: Never Ending Fall, JVK in Cambridge, MA (02.03.24)

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PHOTOS: Never Ending Fall, JVK in Cambridge, MA (02.03.24)

Fresh off the release of their new single “American Disco” the day before, Maryland natives Never Ending Fall pulled up to Cambridge, MA on Saturday night where a sold out crowd awaited them. With nearly half a million followers on TikTok the group have recently been attracting a lot of attention for not only their music, but their humor as well. On TikTok they have been releasing a series of videos called “Can It Kirkland?” in which the band members blind taste test popular brands of liquor and the Cotsco generic liquor brand Kirkland. If the band members can’t tell the difference between the two samples then It Can Kirkland. The video series has netted them millions of views on nearly every video in the series. As for their music, they currently have one studio album available for streaming on Spotify and a handful of singles including the aforementioned “American Disco.” During their live set however they did perform several unreleased songs, and a rousing Cher cover perfect for a Saturday night. Check out photos from the show below, including some of JVK, a local hard rock outfit who will be performing at this year’s Boston Calling Music Festival.

Listen to Never Ending Fall – HERE.

Photos – Never Ending Fall, JVK at Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA on February 3rd:

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