PHOTOS: Fastball in Cambridge, MA (04.23.24)

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PHOTOS: Fastball in Cambridge, MA (04.23.24)

Editor’s note: 90’s alt-rock stalwarts Fastball are one of the few bands from their era who’ve managed to maintain an unchanged lineup since their inception in 1994. The trio enjoyed a run of success in the late 90’s around their platinum selling album All the Pain Money Can Buy featuring their hit single “The Way” that reached No. 1 on the Alternative charts. 2024 sees the band celebrating their 30th anniversary with a North American tour and new studio album titled Sonic Ranch. That tour recently swung through New England for a stop in Cambridge, MA at Middle East. Mike Von Villas was at the show capturing some images from their performance, check them out below.

Purchase Fastball’s new studio album Sonic Ranch – HERE.

Photos – Fastball at Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA on April 23rd:

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