LIVE REVIEW: Teezo Touchdown in Boston, MA (05.02.24)

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LIVE REVIEW: Teezo Touchdown in Boston, MA (05.02.24)

When going about your day, always remember to keep the MID off the streets. That was a sentiment that Teezo Touchdown believes in and it showed at the 5/2 show at Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Before we get to that, let’s talk about how the night started.

To open the show, photographer Jacob Ford and music curator Annabelle played an interactive crowd trivia game called “Touchdown Live”. It consisted of questions about Teezo and his albums and the highlight of the game and fan favorite, was guessing what music video a Teezo outfit was from. Through shouting out and being chosen the crowd aced the game and had a enjoyable time doing it. As we turn to the opening act, Annabelle, creator of “That Good Sh*t”, would continue her night by opening the music with a DJ set. With great energy and enthusiasm while playing songs that everybody could move around to, the set was a success. Not to mention she played songs from local Massachusetts based artists, Cousin Stizz and Luke Bar$, which went over really well in the environment.

After the DJ set, the stage was being maneuvered, the fans were climbing the excitement ladder, and soon to come was Teezo Touchdown. The lights dimmed and all of a sudden an exclusive Teezo interview appeared on the screen. After answering a question, it then went away. As Teezo approached the stage, he would start the night by playing, 2020 single, “Careful”. The crowd erupted and join Teezo on performing the song and really set the tone for the rest of the set.

A little bit after the initial walk out, Teezo was telling a story of his rise as an artist, this of course in his first outfit of the night, as many more were to come. He talked about how he was invited to meet with Trippie Redd and it was an enormous step in the right direction for him. Revealing during that session he made the next song on the docket, “Strong Friend”. A powerful message and a great performance of that song continue the momentum Teezo was on.

Another part of the interview started playing as Teezo went to the back, where he would use that opportunity for another wardrobe change. Bring out the patent nails in his hair. This is where he would tell everybody that “Mid” is a word that really hits him and he always makes sure to put in his best effort to keep the “Mid off the streets”. This is a reminder to everybody that quality is mountains above, importance wise, as quantity. The interview timeline continued, as he was asked a question about this latest album, “How Do You Sleep at Night?”. Being his first album release of his career, Teezo made it a point that when he started performing those songs, he wasn’t going to stop until he’s gone through nearly the whole album. That’s exactly what he did.

Beginning with track one, he had the crowd in the plan of his hand. Until we get to personal favorite song of mine “UUHH”. This was a highly anticipated song for everybody in the building and it lived up to it. There was not a person in there not singing along and the energy rose even more so. A few appreciation speeches later and smiles during the songs, you can tell that the love Teezo was receiving meant the world to him. That love transformed into motivation with his next song, “Imposible”. The whole song is about saying nothing is impossible in any facet of life and to not let anybody, especially people’s opinions who you value, change your trajectory of what you feel you can do.

The night went on and the rest of the hit album would be played. Teezo had everybody in the crowd dancing and jumping from the front row all the way to the sellers of merch at the booth. It was truly a very lovely show, one that makes me have so much more respect and love for the artist after being there. I can say I’m an example of that for sure. As Teezo walked off stage, the room was flooded with chants of “One More Song”. He delivered. Finishing off his outstanding set, with one of his more unique and dance worthy songs, “Rock Paper Strippers”.

Overall Teezo Touchdown put on such a great set and show as well. Being the first to a lot of things seems valuable to him, just by the game before hand and the type of environment he created with his performance, was a happy, exciting, and unforgettable one.

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