PHOTOS: Speedy Ortiz, Palberta, Halfsour in Cambridge, MA 11.27.18

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Editor’s note: Northampton’s Speedy Ortiz have established themselves as one of New England’s most vibrant bands since their 2012 debut EP Sports. That EP introduced listeners to the band’s constant study of contrasts, with vocalist/guitarist Sadie Dupuis’ riffs acting as both counterpoint to, and amplifier of her acerbic, conversational poetry. Propelled by the rhythm section of Darl Ferm and Michael Falcone, their full-length debut album Major Arcana chugged along with a swaggering gusto that could command a sweaty Allston basement show as easily as a festival stage. Their 2018 LP Twerp Verse is in the running for a Boston Music Award for “Album of the Year” – winners announced Dec. 12 – and has further driven home the point that Speedy Ortiz are poised to become an indie rock powerhouse for years to come. On Tuesday night Speedy Ortiz headlined The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA with some help from openers Palberta and fellow New Englanders Halfsour. Check out some photos of the action below.

Purchase Speedy Ortiz’s new album Twerp Verse by clicking HERE.

Photos: Speedy Ortiz, Palberta, Halfsour at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA – 11/24/18:

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