PHOTOS: Caamp, Savannah Conley in Cambridge, MA 12.15.18

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Friday night, Ohio-grown folk trio Caamp came to The Sinclair in Cambridge. Savannah Conley opened for Caamp and wasted no time in inviting them onto her set, an honest demonstration of the comradery between the musicians on Conley’s final night touring with the boys. Conley fostered a humorous and light-hearted atmosphere with the crowd, telling jokes and laughing wholeheartedly between songs.

Brandishing hot toddies, Taylor Meier, Evan Westfall, and Matt Vinson brought to the stage their first self-titled album favorites as well cuts from their recently released EP’s Boys (Side A) and Boys (Side B) and so much more. Each member is skilled in multiple instruments and vocals, making their trio impressive, earnest, and the obvious product of love and dedication.

Listen to Caamp’s two latest EP releases Boys (Side A) and Boys (Side B) here.

Photos: Caamp, Savannah Conley at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on 12.15.18:

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