PHOTOS: ¿Téo?, Maesu, Arum Flowers in Cambridge, MA (03.11.23)

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PHOTOS: ¿Téo?, Maesu, Arum Flowers in Cambridge, MA (03.11.23)

Colombian-American vocalist ¿Téo? (Mateo Arias) got his start in music in a very different way than most. He spent his early days playing the role of Jerry Martinez in the Disney show Kickin It. Since the show ended in 2015 though, he’s shifted his music in a much different way. He quickly developed a unique, neo-American sound with release of his 2017 debut single, “Uno Dos,” which featured longtime friend and collaborator Jaden Smith. He’s since released two full-length albums, the latest of which is titled Sol. He’s currently gearing up for the release of his next album, Luna which will be a companion piece to Sol. ¿Téo? was recently in the New England area performing along with openers Maesu and Arum Flowers, check out some photos from the show below.

Photos: ¿Téo?, Maesu, Arum Flowers at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on March 11th:

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