PHOTOS: Caye in Boston, MA (03.25.23)

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PHOTOS: Caye in Boston, MA (03.25.23)

Boston native Caye was back in New England last weekend on his first-ever headline tour this year supporting his debut album, We Love which came out February 3rd. The tour is a ten-date run that kicked off March 1st in Los Angeles and will wrap up tomorrow night in Philadelphia. We Love was written and almost entirely a self-produced record for Caye, and was inspired by his experiences both in life and as an artist. After being raised and attending high school in the Boston area Caye relocated to Los Angeles to USC Thornton School of Music. His live shows see him playing multiple instruments during his set with only his two brothers as his backing band behind. We were on hand at the hometown show to capture images of his set, you can check those out below.

Listen to Caye’s debut album, We Love – HERE.

Photos: Caye at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA on March 25th:

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