PHOTOS: Fruit Bats, H.C. McEntire in Boston, MA (04.21.23)

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PHOTOS: Fruit Bats, H.C. McEntire in Boston, MA (04.21.23)
All photos by Dominic Delore

Editor’s note: Chicago born musician Eric D. Johnson has been releasing music under the moniker Fruit Bats since 2001 when he put out his debut, Echolocation, on the indie label Perishable Records. Twenty-two years and a few record labels later and Johnson has just released his tenth studio album, A River Running to Your Heart. He’s brought the act to the live setting in which he adds touring musicians to help bring the music to a live setting. Last week, Johnson & Co. were in Boston, MA playing one week after the release of his new album. Dominic Delore was there on behalf of New England Sounds capturing images from the show, including some of opener H.C. McEntire.

Listen to Fruit Bats’ new album A River Running to Your Heart – HERE.

Photos: Fruit Bats, H.C. McEntire at Royale in Boston, MA on April 21st:

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