PHOTOS: AIR @ Royale – 06.05.17

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French electronic duo AIR swung by Royale last night for their first Boston area show in over seven years. Touring is a rarity for the pair who met while in high school in France in the 1980’s. AIR was doing the electronic music thing before it became simple, meaning their music is all produced on instruments, not laptops.

With two additional touring members added to make playing their music live possible, AIR is back on the road as of last year, celebrating the release of their career retrospective album “Twentyears” released in June of 2016.

“Twentyears” is a great crash course in the history of the band and an essential for people who enjoy electronic music and are interested in tracing it’s roots.


Pick up Twentyears by AIRHERE




Photos – AIR at Royale 06/05/17:



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