INTERVIEW: The Mowgli’s Talk New Music and Touring

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Photo: John Hutchings

Formed in 2010 by the coalescing of a Venice music collective, The Mowgli’s began as a 10+ member group playing house parties and warehouse gatherings. The release of their first major-label LP Waiting For The Dawn in 2013 saw immediate success with the hit single “San Francisco.” The record – which focused on the joy of bringing people together – immediately connected in a cynical world. The band quickly found themselves playing to sold out crowds in clubs around the US and inundated by requests for press, sponsorships and partnerships. Appearances at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Firefly followed as did performances on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Conan.

Three albums and hundreds of shows into their career, the band has come full circle back to their roots and are independent once again. Although the sound has evolved they have returned to the basic themes: love, bringing people together to just feel good, and being excited for life no matter what the day delivers. They have refocused, are more in touch with the curation of their live show, and with the overall business of simply “being a band”.

We got a chance to chat with Josh Hogan of The Mowgli’s about the band’s new music and current tour, here’s what he had to say:

New England Sounds: Currently, you’re on your US headliner with your latest single “Real Good Life” just coming out last month and with Mainland as main support, how have these dates been going?

Josh Hogan: This tour has been full of positive energy from the start. The fans are bringing their A game & Mainland have become close friends in a short amount of time. We’re getting a great reaction to real good life. Most of the people in the crowds know all the lyrics & they sing it loud.

NES: How have you been approaching these sets? Are you road testing new material, playing songs from each album?

JH: We wanted to play songs from every album including two new ones & a cover. Although RGL is already out there, we have another single coming later this month and people have been loving it.

NES: The last album, “Where’d Your Weekend Go”, dropped in September of 2016. Are you currently working on a new record/still awhile away?

JH: We took a much needed break last year to find inspiration and energy to keep this whole thing going. We did write a little here and there, but we found it hard to say what we really wanted to say or sometimes thought we should be saying. We’re not necessarily working on a record, but we’re definitely making new music and we’re finally feeling excited and re-energized.

NES: The band has released several albums at this point. Do you feel the songwriting process has changed or do you feel that it has turned into something new recently?

JH: The process has been changing for us since we started really. Every record has been written and recorded differently. With each one we learn and grow as artists.

NES: What’s coming up in the next few months for the Mowgli’s? What’s the focus or goals for the next few months?

JH: We want to hit the road hard in 2018 while continuing to write and record new songs. Every day is a blessing for us, so we’re just happy to be here.

The Mowgli’s play Brighton Music Hall with Mainland on Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm – TICKETS


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