PHOTOS: Vérité, Kat Cunning in Boston, MA (11.14.21)

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PHOTOS: Vérité, Kat Cunning in Boston, MA (11.14.21)

Editor’s note: Born to be in the spotlight, Kat Cunning has appeared on Broadway as Emile in Les Liaison Dangereuses and in Cirque du Soleil in addition to a TV role alongside James Franco in HBO’s hit The Deuce. In 2019 Kat make their musical debut with fan favorite singles such as “King of Shadow,” “Birds”, and “For The Love.” Not to mention, they supported LP on a sold-out U.S. Tour. In 2021, Kat has released three new songs, “Confident,” “Could Be Good,” and most recently “Boys” a pro-trans anthem with a music video whose cast and crew was made up of non-binary or transgender people. Kat Cunning is currently out on the road supporting the lovely Vérité who has new music of her own with “by now” and “he’s not you” having been released earlier this year. Greg Wong was on hand to capture some images from both performances.

Photos: Vérité, Kat Cunning at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA on November 14th, 2021:

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