PHOTOS: The Band CAMINO, flor, Hastings in Boston, MA (04.29.22)

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PHOTOS: The Band CAMINO, flor, Hastings in Boston, MA (04.29.22)

Editor’s note: When Nashville based indie-pop outfit The Band CAMINO dropped their self-titled debut album last September, it marked the end of a long anticipatory that began in 2016 and featured three EP’s along the way. While that anticipation was building they were able to gather a pretty sizeable fan base. So sizeable in fact that on their first appearance in New England since releasing their album the group were playing to a sold out crowd. With support from flor and Hastings, The Band CAMINO made it a Friday night to remember in Boston. Patrick Moran was there capturing some visuals from all the performances and you can check those out below.

Listen to The Band CAMINO‘s self-titled debut album – HERE.

Photos: The Band CAMINO, flor, Hastings at House of Blues in Boston, MA on April 29th, 2022:


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