PHOTOS: Goth Babe in Boston, MA (05.07.23)

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PHOTOS: Goth Babe in Boston, MA (05.07.23)

Editor’s note: Let’s get it out of the way right off the bat, no, Goth Babe is not a goth babe. Instead it is the moniker under which outdoorsman Griff Washburn writes, records, and tours. Washburn lives a nomadic off the grid life, living on his sailboat when not on tour, and out of his RV when on the road. His latest release is an EP titled Iceland that came out in 2022. On Sunday night Washburn and his live band rolled into New England for a show at Boston’s roadrunner. Deirdre Kelly was there, covering the show on behalf of New England Sounds. Check out her photos below.

Listen to Goth Babe’s new EP Iceland – HERE.

Photos – Goth Babe at Roadrunner in Boston, MA on May 7th:


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