PHOTOS: MUNA in Boston, MA (05.06.23)

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PHOTOS: MUNA in Boston, MA (05.06.23)

Editor’s note: Indie-pop power trio MUNA managed to sell out two nights at Boston’s Royale last September, but even that wasn’t enough to satisfy their rabid fan base who wanted another opportunity to dance along to their tunes. With a larger stage production than in September, MUNA’s three members and their supporting cast threw the biggest dance party in Boston on Saturday. Whether it was older tunes such as “About U” and “I Know A Place” or new ones like “What I Want” and “Silk Chiffon” fans found a way to mach the band’s high energy level on every song throughout the whole show. Even their newest single “One That Got Away” which just came out two weeks ago, was met with thousands of fans singing along. This time around Erin Crowley was on assignment for the show, look through her stunning gallery of photos below.

Watch the official music video for MUNA’s latest single “One That Got Away” – HERE.

Photos: MUNA at Roadrunner in Boston, MA on May 6th –

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