Interview: Sawyer Fredericks chats new record, new tour and time on The Voice!

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Sawyer Fredericks charmed the hearts of millions from the moment he auditioned on The Voice to the moment he was crowned the winner. Many believed from the beginning that he was the winner. That it was just a matter of time. While the past few months were his introduction to being a touring act, he is now ready to go! With his debut record, “A Good Storm”, coming out in May, he is currently on his first full headlining tour of the states and we were able to grab a few minutes with him before he played his soon to be packed show in Boston. We talked the new record as well as his experiences on The Voice. Despite only being seventeen, Fredericks has had experiences life long musicians would die for. Read our new interview below and be ready for much more from this talented soul!

You’ve had a crazy year but the big thing right now is the record which just came out in May. I’m sure you’ve been working on that for a while. When did you start the process for that record?
Well, I started the process right after I won the show. They had me go out to LA and do a bunch of cowriting with a lot of really different artists and different producers and that experience was fun for me and also stressful as it was sharing something very personal to me. Writing music with other people is very difficult but I felt like I got a lot of great songs out of it.

And I know you wrote and you cowrote a lot on this record but you did put out the EP. Are some of these songs ones that you had before you went on the show or are they all ones you did after?
It’s about like half and half. There’s half cowrites on the album and then half my originals. I believe all the originals that are on the album with the exception of one, I wrote before The Voice.

Then maybe how has this tour been going? While you have done small runs, this is your first real headlining tour of the states. You’ve had some sold out shows.
I mean it’s been going great. It’s cool to see all these people in different cities where you don’t expect to have a following and people that know you when you’ve never been to that city before. So it’s really cool and I’m happy that I’m getting a lot of support and we’re having a lot of sold out shows. So it’s exciting.

And I wanted to ask you, just from reading about it, you’ve had a really crazy year. I did see your audition and had this feeling that you would win which I’m sure you’ve heard a lot. You’ve had a lot of great experiences so far. Working with Pharell as your coach which maybe is something people wouldn’t expect for you to do, Ray LaMontagne has written a song for you, performed with Creedence Clearwater Revival. Maybe for you, the biggest moment so far. You’re the youngest winner of the show. You have had so many experiences while being so young that people would dream of. Maybe the biggest one for you? Obviously winning the show was huge but as a musician.
I think the biggest thing from being on the show is getting to perform with John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival) just because he is one of my favorite artists and I’ve been listening to him since I was a child. So it was just crazy.

Then for you, it’s a little soft one but the first CD or first cassette you can remember buying as a kid and the first concert you remember going to?
Oh I don’t know the first CD I got. I had all my mom’s and dad’s CD’s so my room is packed full of their CD’s and I just like listened through all of them. My first concert was Ray LaMontagne I believe.
How was that?
It was great. It was super cool. It was the first time I had ever been to a concert and just hearing Ray LaMontagne live was super cool.
Then having him write your single.
Oh yeah that was awesome!
How did that come about?
I think it came about because of Pharell. Ray LaMontagne’s manager was at The Voice because one of his people were singing a song on the show and Pharell knew that I really liked Ray LaMontagne so he contacted his manager and kind of talked about me and him doing something together. Ray LaMontagne’s manager is now my manager as well. Basically, he just contacted Ray LaMontagne and asked if maybe he could sing this song with me.
Then you’re on this tour for quite a while, I believe it goes until September. I think it’s just straight dates all the way which is quite an undertaking.
Could be, could be!
This is a big moment for you obviously but what is kind of the plan for you after this tour?
Well I definitely want to start working on a new album just because I love being in the studio but I haven’t really been able to like write when I’ve been out here so I’m excited to get home so I can actually start writing again.

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