Interview: The Hunna on touring, new album and the future!

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Tomorrow night is a beautiful night for rock in Boston, no matter what you fancy. You have English singer songwriters in Calum Scott and Gavin James, you have pop punk gods Good Charlotte, you have the psychedelic vibes of Wild Beasts and Porcelain Rafts but the show you just can’t miss will be going down at Once in Somerville tomorrow! The Advanced Placement tour featuring The Shelters, Night Riots and The Hunna will be throwing it down tomorrow. While all the bands are great, The Hunna has been one of our favorite acts to break out this year. The band has only played one show in Boston so far in June and we were there for all the action including a chat with the band. While the Great Scott is the favorite first place for English acts to play, the crowd is normally very slim but not for these guys. It was a packed room that night with easily seventy people. I’ve seen shows there with a crowd of five for acts that are now killing it just months later.

Since that show, the band has dropped their much anticipated debut record and will now be returning to this lovely city. In anticipation of the date, I spoke to drummer Jack Metcalfe about this past year as well their plans for the future! Find me in the crowd tomorrow, it will be an incredible no miss show!

The band is just over a year old. You’re on your second tour of the US. Your debut record is out. For you, what has been the biggest moment so far?
A lot has happened in a year and we’ve had some great moments so it’s hard to pick! The album release was a proud moment for us as we worked so hard on it. Reading and Leeds festival was incredible as we had massive turn outs for both sets and everyone was singing our songs. Also Kentish Town forum was a huge highlight for us as it was our biggest headline show to date in our hometown, it was so lit and we are so grateful for all the support.

Currently you’re out on the Advanced Placement tour. All of you being breaking bands, how has this run been so far?
It’s been ace! Both bands are awesome live and great guys. We have had some dope shows in rad cities so far and the crowd response has been amazing. Stoked for the rest of it!

If people haven’t seen you before, what can they look forward to in these sets? Why should people come out?
We put on a hard rock show with lots of energy, catchy tunes and it’s a fun time. SO if you haven’t seen us live before you should because we are bringing rock and roll back!

The debut record has been out for just over two months now. Now that these songs have been out for everyone to hear, is there a track on the record that you are surprised people are feeling the most? Maybe your personal favorite off the record?
It varies for us as we dig all the songs on the album but we always feel “Bad For You” takes us to that next level as we rock so hard. “She’s Casual” and “Bonfire” are favorites live.

What’s in the plan for the next few months for The Hunna? More touring, new music even?
We have a lot to look forward to especially 2017 kicking off with a second UK “100” album tour and then Europe and more tours after that. For us we just want to spread the movement as far as possible and continue to play hella shows! Peace out!

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