LIVE REVIEW: Ziggy Alberts charms the hearts & souls of Allston!

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This week was a wild week for me! Attending shows five nights in a row. Including three at my favorite venue in the city, Great Scott. I preach a lot about on the site how it’s the place every international artist has to play first and last Wednesday, Australia’s Ziggy Alberts was just added to the list! I jumped off the train to see Alberts with his team looking off into the distance next to their van and just minutes later when talking to one of the door guys outside, he went ‘here they come’ as they walked inside the venue with full grins.

The grins were warranted as Alberts was about to play a sold out show, as most of the shows have been going on this run with just one date not being sold out. The crowd was wrapped around his finger the second he walked on stage and I was loving it. Since I’m an awkward human, I definitely engaged in some people watching. The crowd was winning over my heart and gave me major flashbacks to a standout Wombats show from a few years ago. Both crowds included a handful of couples slow dancing and serenading each other as the performer(s) worked their way through incredible sets.

Be it his angelic voice to his self deprecating  but incredibly charming wit, Alberts is poised to be a super star. And considering this is his first time touring the states, it would be an absolute shame if he doesn’t explode. The crowd seemed enamored with him, including a girl passing me at the end of the show saying ‘I want to marry that guy’. With about an hour of stage time, there were too many standouts for me with the top ones even though it’s hard to choose being ‘Gone (The Pocahontas Song)’, ‘Hands I Can Hold’ and ‘Follow the Ocean’.

There was never a moment in the set where I thought, meh, this one isn’t for me. Between the story telling behind each track and a great room of listeners besides the many sing alongs, Alberts is a stand out artist who I can only see bright things for. With his new album dropping November 9th, there is only so much to come for this crazy talented artist so keep your ears and eyes peeled!

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