PHOTOS: Goo Goo Dolls in Boston, MA 10.17.18

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Editor’s note: Album anniversary tours are all the rage these days, look at the upcoming schedule for nearly any popular music venue and you’re bound to find at least one act cashing in on the nostalgia we’ve become obsessed with as a society. In fact, it’s probably become a little overdone. However, there are a few of these tours going on where the album being played is a bonafide classic, a record that truly deserves a revisit. On Wednesday night, Goo Goo Dolls brought their landmark album Dizzy Up the Girl back to Boston for a 20th-anniversary celebration. Dizzy Up the Girl is truly a record that everyone around in the 90’s could place at least one or two songs from. Thus explains the full house on Lansdowne St. on Wednesday night. Our own Matt Lambert was on hand to capture visuals from the show. Check them out below!

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