PHOTOS: Ghost, Volbeat, Twin Temple in Worcester, MA (02.11.22)

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PHOTOS: Ghost, Volbeat, Twin Temple in Worcester, MA (02.11.22)

Swedish theatrical metal band Ghost have been visiting New England for just over a decade now, and in that time they’ve graduated from headline shows at the 575 capacity Middle East in Cambridge, MA to the 14,800 capacity arena, DCU Center in Worcester, MA. Ghost’s sole known member, Tobais Forge, leads what is now a nine member orchestra, all other members of which perform as “Nameless Ghouls” while Forge’s stage identity evolves with each album. Papa Emeritus IV is the current frontman of Ghost in the era of their upcoming studio album, Impera. Co-headlining the tour with Ghost are Danish metal band Volbeat who have played big stages all over the world for years, but are only now recently finding that success here in the US. Their hour long set, brought heavy riffs and rockabilly vibes to the crowd ahead of Ghost’s set. The night’s opening act Twin Temple also provided some satanic theatrics to those arriving at the venue prior to Volbeat’s set. Check out our photos from all three sets now.

Pre-order Ghost’s impending studio album Impera – HERE.

Photos: Ghost, Volbeat, Twin Temple at DCU Center in Worcester, MA on February 11th, 2022:

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