LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Goose in Boston, MA (09.14.23)

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LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Goose in Boston, MA (09.14.23)

On a crisp September night, the Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston was transformed into a sonic wonderland as Goose, the dynamic jam band from Connecticut, took the stage. Since this was night 2 at this venue, anticipation was already running high. This was my fourth time seeing this band in about a years’ time span(the first being when they played with Trey Anastasio Band as part of what was billed as “Taboose”). This night of music did not disappoint. Appearing in this state again off the coattails of their epic performance at Levitate Music Festival this past July in Marshfield, I went into this show with high expectations. One day prior, they played a set mostly consisting of their earlier material plus a rousing cover of Kenny Loggins’ song “Danger Zone”, which most recognize from the movie Top Gun. I jumped onto this bandwagon a bit late, so I was looking forward to seeing more of their recent material, or at least songs from their last studio album, Dripfield.

They opened their first set with the mysterious and bluesy “Dr. Darkness”, instantly drawing the crowd into Goose’s enigmatic world of folk-infused jam.The band’s tight musicianship and improvisational skills were evident from the start, setting the stage for what would be a thrilling night.”California Magic” followed, filling the air with that sun-soaked enchanted escapism that the west coast is known for. The band seamlessly transitioned into “Lead the Way” and “Lead Up,” showcasing their ability to craft intricate compositions that effortlessly flowed from one to the next.

The ethereal “Earthling or Alien?” followed, really getting this party started. One of my favorites to hear live, the flowing green lights changed from patterns big and small, as the song’s funky interplanetary vibes brought everyone to their feet to groove on this one, almost reminiscent of early 90’s Phish. The light show was top notch, as we have now come to expect from Goose’s tours. Next up was a song from Vasudo (their previous band’s lineup) “The Empress of Organos” featuring the mesmerizing keyboard work from multi-instrumental Peter Anspach, which kept the momentum raging and has become a live staple for them since 2020.

Set 2:

Goose returned to the stage after a brief intermission, and the excitement in the air was palpable. They brought out their reimagined cover of LP Giobbi’s “All I Need,” engrainingit with their signature jam band magic. Goose’s reinterpretation added a fresh, spacey twist to the original track, demonstrating their ability to add new life to familiar tunes.The audience got down and boogied as the band delved into “Thatch” and “Everything Must Go,” the latter featuring Rick Mitarotonda’s heartfelt vocals.

“Feel It Now” elevated the energy in the pavilion to new heights, with soaring guitar solos and a pulsating rhythm section that had everyone moving. The psychedelic journey continued with “Dripfield,” a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that showcased the band’s improvisational prowess and has certainly become a highlight from that album’s song catalog.

As the night drew to a close, Goose returned for an encore that was as invigorating as the entire performance.”Hot Tea” provided the perfect conclusion to a night filled with musical exploration and boundless energy. It was a tune that they always seem to take to different heights, play around with, and stretch in different and joyous directions. For a young band, they are bursting with unbridled enthusiasm, and it’s been fun watching these guys start to really take off. Their ability to seamlessly blend genres, improvise with precision, and transport the audience to distant sonic realms made this a concert to remember.In the end, Goose’s performance at Leader Bank Pavilion was nothing short of a cosmic odyssey, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chance to embark on a journey with Goose.

Photos – Goose @ Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston, MA on September 14th:

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