NEW MUSIC: Kaitlyn Olson drops sultry new single, “Everytime” (Interview in Post!)

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NEW MUSIC: Kaitlyn Olson drops sultry new single, “Everytime” (Interview in Post!)


(photo credit: Joseph Canoza)

New tunes from female voices are abundant lately, and that’s no surprise considering the last few years’ turn of events. Women are everywhere, and we’re here for every bit of it. One voice who has been writing some of your favorite dance-pop tracks, Kaitlyn Olson, is the latest track we think should be on your radar. Dropping her latest single, and first single of 2024 this past Wednesday, comes the sultry AF, “Everytime.” Recently signed to Roc Nation’s Equity Distribution, the long-time label famously founded by no one other than Jay-Z. , the label is the perfect home for Olson to be. The label has been in action since 2008, and ever since,  their roster, while maintaining some of the biggest names in hip hop, has always curated a balanced roster of some of your new pop favorites and badass women in rock. 

“Everytime” is a sultry banger of a track.  It’s a sincere love letter, with no feelings sheltered regarding the heart and the vocals highlighted over a beat-driven track. Produced by acclaimed rapper and singer RMR, the track screams to be on the radio, and surely it will be soon. It’s a clear departure from Olson’s tracks for other artists, but it reads like a beautiful outlet for the long-time songwriter. And more is to come for Olson in these next few months, but to hold you over, check out the video for her penultimate single to “Everytime,” with 2023’s released “Worship” below! 

I had the chance to speak to Olson about the new track and what’s to come for her in the future, which can be found below!

You’re about to release your first single of 2024, “Everytime,” tomorrow. How did this song come together for you?

 I met the singer RMR, and we quickly became friends. We started sending our music back and forth to each other. I had been writing a lot of uptempo dance songs for other artists, and he and I talked about making something together for my artist project that felt more classic, which is what I tend to listen to more when I’m alone. When we went into the studio, I just wanted to write a feel-good love song because we have so much sadness in the world right now! We listened through a bunch of beats he and his friend Luke White had and I loved this track. RMR is such a talented writer, and we finished the song quickly in about an hour, then recorded vocals with co-producer Javi Marzella. A lot of songs today tend to sound really digital, which is good in some ways because anyone with a laptop has the tools to be a producer today, but I wanted the song to have a more analog feel. I had Luke add guitar and my friend Jeff Kite from the Voidz add live bass and pads on a Prophet 5. Once I sat with the song, I made some changes and re-recorded my vocals from home myself on Ableton, which is one of my favorite parts of the process, just putting away my phone and getting lost in my own little world of harmonies and emotion.

When it comes to the songs you’re writing for yourself versus others, how does the songwriting process change? Is it something where you set out to write a solo song, ideas that have been floating around for a while? 

I was always focused on being a songwriter, so most of my songs were written with other artists in mind. Over the years, I had amassed a catalog of tons of over-the-top pop songs, but I was singing on all of them as the reference. When I started looking for publishing deals, I was getting more interest in signing me as the artist rather than just a songwriter, which has always been my secret dream. I realized I should probably start making songs that feel more authentic to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing songs about dancing on tables because it’s fun, but this song leans into a sound that is more soulful and melancholic to match my own personality.

Over the years, there’s been a single or so released for you each year. Is it something where you think you’ll pursue an EP and/or album in the near future?

The sporadic releases are because I have so many superpop songs that my label was going to put out, but I’ve struggled to embrace releasing them under my name even though I think they’re great songs. I guess I have been on a rocky, existential journey of connecting to myself as an artist that I’m now coming into. “Everytime” is actually the first song on a full EP that will be coming out! I’m excited to share it, and I hope you <3 it!





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