PHOTOS: Benson Boone, Mimi Webb in Boston, MA (04.12.24)

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PHOTOS: Benson Boone, Mimi Webb in Boston, MA (04.12.24)

There’s something special about seeing an act that’s on the edge of stardom in a venue they’ve already outgrown. That was the case last Friday when pop singer Benson Boone performed at Boston’s 2,200 capacity House of Blues. Long sold out, secondary market tickets for the show were flirting with Taylor Swift territory sitting at over $350 for the cheapest ticket. Boone is out on an entirely sold out tour performing songs from his debut album Fireworks & Rollerblades that just came out on April 5th. Propelled by his monster hit “Beautiful Things” that peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 100 charts, Boone has already amassed an international following, currently boasting over 60 million monthly listeners on Spotify, putting him ahead of names such as Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. It won’t be long until Boone is playing arenas and perhaps even stadiums. Check out photos from his intimate House of Blues show below, featuring support act Mimi Webb.

Listen to Benson Boone’s debut studio album Fireworks & Rollerblades – HERE.

Photos – Benson Boone, Mimi Webb at House of Blues in Boston, MA on April 12th:

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