PHOTOS: Tessa Violet in Cambridge, MA (09.22.22)

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PHOTOS: Tessa Violet in Cambridge, MA (09.22.22)

Social media maven Tessa Violet has managed to re-invent herself more than once, with the rise in popularity of the latest popular platform TikTok she has yet again found a path to success through self-curated media. With over 1mil followers she’s been successful at finding a path to reaching her fans directly. In 2019 she released her sophomore studio album Bad Ideas and has since released three singles, “Role Model,” “Yes Mom,” and most recently “Kitchen Song.” Tessa was recently in Cambridge, MA on her Rise of the Phoenix tour, you can check out photos from that show below.

Listen to Tessa Violet’s newest single, Kitchen Song – HERE.

Photos: Tessa Violet in Cambridge, MA on September 22nd, 2022:

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