PHOTOS: Shame, Been Stellar in Cambridge, MA (05.16.23)

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PHOTOS: Shame, Been Stellar in Cambridge, MA (05.16.23)

Editor’s note: South London post-punk group Shame dropped their third studio album, Food for Worms, earlier this year. Cult favorites locally, the five-piece outfit have been visiting New England since 2017, including a 2019 appearance at Boston Calling. Their chaotic live show is the kind that will have the venue clean up crew facing a long night of work. They recently swung back through the region with support from NYC punk band Been Stellar. Alex Santos was on hand at the local dates of the tour, dodging crowdsurfers to capture some visuals. Check them out below.

Listen to Shame’s new studio album Food for Worms – HERE.

Photos: Shame, Been Stellar at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on May 16th:

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