Hot Show Alert: The Maine presents “Flowers on The Grave”, a multi-dimensional Livestream event

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Hot Show Alert: The Maine presents “Flowers on The Grave”, a multi-dimensional Livestream event

When we first started this pandemic, the hopes were still high that music would be quick to return to fruition. Some acts have had the chance to begin playing drive-in shows, outdoor settings but for the strong majority, their only option is to play for you through your screens. With us being six months into the quarantine, watching the day touring died March 13th, bands are getting creative with how they still get to perform for you. And how could you not count on one of the most fan-friendly bands, Arizona’s The Maine to fill that void of live rock and roll.



While in quarantine, the band stayed connected with their fans over Livestream content, creating the portal Pillar where their fan interaction is on point and have been steadily producing content including “Good Morning 8123”. Being a quarantine series for their fans, it has allowed fans to feel connected to the band during these unheard-of times in the form of video segments and Q&A’s. But the cherry on top of the sundae of the incredible efforts the group has been making is their “Flowers on the Grave” live stream planned for this Saturday, 4 pm PST/7 pm EST. Tickets can be bought on their website for $10, for Pillar members, it will be free,  with the Livestream serving as a funeral really for the “You are Ok” album cycle. 

In addition to playing “You Are Ok” from top to bottom, the guys will be playing some additional favorites. Followed up by a virtual M&G, the group has announced an after-party that would be familiar to anyone that attended Sad Summer last year, have attended 8123 Fest, just with a bit of a different vibe this year. Something else familiar to those who have attended  a  Maine show over the past few years is a drink list designed to accompany the virtual performance so if of age, get those cocktail shakers ready for a stay at home dance party. 

Pre-COVID shut down, the band was only a few months out from embarking on the second summer of the Sad Summer Tour as well as plotting their 8123 Festival in Arizona. With a line-up that consisted of some of the fellow hottest bands right now and your long time veterans with a line up consisting of All Time Low, Grayscale, and The Story So Far amongst so many others. They were planning their next 8123 Fest, finishing out the album cycle for the whirlwind that was their seventh record, “You are Ok,” and took the opportunity of quarantine to finish recording and writing their untitled eighth full length. Touring will come back; we’ll have Sad Summer again, but for now, continue to let The Maine try to fill the void in your heart of not being able to sing every word with your friends by joining the band Saturday night!

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