EP Review: Winnetka Bowling League presents their new EP, “Congratulations”, tomorrow (9/18)

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EP Review: Winnetka Bowling League presents their new EP, “Congratulations”, tomorrow (9/18)

The new EP from Winnetka Bowling League, “Congratulations,” is a wild ride that screams an ode to life and love in Los Angeles. Be it the title track, “Congratulations,” hitting you with a real attack on if people are happy, ‘living their best lives’, or if it’s just a social construct that they create for themselves; a false account of how they are or feel as a person. Or the lead-off track of the album, where frontman Matthew  Koma references his wife, multi-industry star Hilary Duff, with the line, ‘My wifey’s got a better job, she backs me and my indie rock. I’m kidding about the indie part; I ain’t that cool.’ 

Within the EP, the band breaks down a modern LA love story  with the previously released “CVS.” As the EP flows on, we fall straight into some beautifully severe Hellogoodbye (if you know, you know) reminiscent vibes with “The Romantic Way,”  and that’s an incredible thing. The album shows great range, and we should come to expect nothing less from anything Koma touches.  With everything from hip hop to EDM under his belt, Koma’s home with Winnetka Bowling League is sure to be the success story that we need right now.

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