LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Jeremy Zucker in Boston, MA (11.05.23)

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LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Jeremy Zucker in Boston, MA (11.05.23)

New Jersey born singer Jeremy Zucker made his return to Boston November 5th headlining at Roadrunner. Following his EP in 2015, he has released four studio albums and numerous singles. He had not been in the city since November of 2021, where he played at Royale. Fans were awaiting Zucker’s set as they watched both phenomenal openers: Sam Macpherson and Kevin Atwater. Once the lights dimmed the opening notes of “i need you (in my life)” began to play. The screen behind Zucker began displaying different light variations along the flashes of lights in front of the stage. I was excited for the rest of the set.

“OK”  which is from his new EP, followed the opening song. The crowd settled down and became fully engaged with the set. The next track was one of his biggest hits that was released in 2018 “all the kids are depressed.” The crowd’s energy grew as they sung all the words back to Zucker who had a growing smile on his face. His setlist was a mix of throwbacks and songs from his more recent work.

One thing I really enjoyed about his set was how comfortable he was with interacting with the crowd. At times taking breaks between songs and telling stories or asking crowd questions. Even sharing his mom was in the crowd and that it was nice to have family be able to come to shows. Being able to see the growth of an artist over the years is something I have always loved about concerts.

Listen to Jeremy Zucker’s new album Crusher – HERE.

Photos – Jeremy Zucker at Roadrunner in Boston, MA on November 5th:

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