PHOTOS: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness in Boston, MA (11.30.23)

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PHOTOS: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness in Boston, MA (11.30.23)

Concord, MA born emo veteran Andrew McMahon was back in New England last week for his annual visit to the region. Playing a pair of shows, one in Connecticut and one in Massachusetts, McMahon is on the road with his current project Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Over the past ten years McMahon has visited New England in some capacity every year except 2020. Last week’s visit coincides with the release of his fourth studio album under the in the Wilderness moniker. The album, titled Tilt at the Wind No More came out in March and McMahon has been on the road almost constantly since. In October he took a brief break to reunite his first project Something Corporate at When We Were Young Fest in Las Vegas and recently announced that in November of 2024 he will embark on a cruise that will feature performances by all three of his projects (Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness). Last week’s vibrant performance in Boston was captured by us in the form of some photos which you can see below.

Listen to Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness’ new album Tilt at the Wind No More – HERE.

Photos – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness at Roadrunner in Boston, MA on November 30th:


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