LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Mick Jenkins in Boston, MA (01.24.24)

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LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS: Mick Jenkins in Boston, MA (01.24.24)

Paradise Rock Club was transformed into a vibe-oriented, motivational, and soulfully soothing space when Mick Jenkins stepped on stage.

Chicago based artist Mick Jenkins, alongside the talented TOBi, made a stop in Boston for his current “Thank You For Waiting Tour”, on Wednesday night. A near sold out show started off with TOBi accompanied by local DJ/Producer Muyi Fre$co on the ones and twos who are one half of the SuperSmashBroz. TOBi started off his set with the opening track off his 2023 album “Panic.” A 35-40 minute set was full of not only TOBi sharing his beautiful life experiences through his music with songs like Hoodwinked and Flowers, but verbally ascending the crowd by expressing his gratitude for the energy and love. Reminding everybody that not only is there always a reason to love life, but we are all superheroes.

After a slight break in between sets, Mick set the tone for the rest of the night. Mick Jenkins opened up with “Michelin Star”, being the first track off his very definitive and message sending 2023 album, The Patience. Mick was checking to see how many haters were out there as he slid into “Spread Love.” Energetic is the perfect word to use to describe Mick Jenkins all night, as he constantly kept the crowd involved and brought elite performance to the table. Proving that what he says is true, he is one of the best rappers on the planet. More time went on and Mick was exuding confidence with calmly driven performances of “Carefree”, one of his biggest songs and a crowd favorite, as well as “Smoke Break-Dance.” Eager to rap the features of the artists on his songs not present, Mick held back to continue to dive into his exquisite and deeply loved catalogue.

The crowd was constantly indulged into every word Mick was saying whether that was musically, inspiring and insightful speech that was given in the middle of the set, or in form of the back and forth he had with the crowd reminding them to drink more water referencing his 2014 mixtape. After his calming performance of “Rug Burn”, Mick set out to give a few words. Reminding everybody that being the true you in your art or creative crafting is the most important and no matter how accomplished or acclaimed something you do artistically might be, being true to yourself will always resonate with the real ones.

As the night went on Mick gave an aggressive and powerful effort of “Pasta”, and I must say, that is an all time performance of any song I’ve seen, making a statement and allowing any doubters to switch sides. Throughout the set Mick Jenkins grooved through pieces of most of his projects, highlighted by songs from Elephant in the Room, the Circus, and the precious, highly touted, and important mixtape “The Water[S]”, performing the therapeutic “Healer.” 2024 being the 10-year anniversary of the release of such an iconic mixtape, gives the project such an enormous milestone, in which case makes it so refreshing to hear when Mick had announced he is going to be doing a limited city tour later in the year to celebrate the milestone with everybody apart of the mixtape being in attendance. Mick capped off his soul nourishing gift of performance to Boston, with another performance from the special mixtape.

I left the show believing even deeper what I already knew. Mick Jenkins is a special talent and an artist I will never get tired of hearing from. If you ever get the chance, anybody should go see him and indulge yourself in what is a Mick Jenkins show. And always remember to…


Photos: Mick Jenkins at Paradise Rock Club on January 24th:

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