PHOTOS: Anees in Cambridge, MA (07.24.22)

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PHOTOS: Anees in Cambridge, MA (07.24.22)

Editor’s note: D.C. born rapper Anees spent a lot of his young life practicing for what he’s doing right now. While working as a delivery driver for Domino’s pizza, Anees honed his freestyle skills just by practicing during his drives. He’s since come a very long way that lead him to a prime time performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and hundreds of millions of streams on TikTok, Spotify, YouTube and other social media websites. He’s currently on a US headline tour playing to sold out audiences all over the country. The tour was in Cambridge, MA on Sunday night where Andrew Valdez caught up with it to capture some pictures. Look through them below.

Watch the official music video for Anees’ single “Sun and Moon” – HERE.

Photos: Anees at Sonia in Cambridge, MA on July 24th, 2022:

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